It has been a busy week here chez Planetcoops. I had people round to view the house on Saturday, so once the kids were back at school last Wednesday, I got on with cleaning and tidying. We had three sets of viewers on Saturday, which is quite impressive as I had expected it to be quiet until Spring.

Unfortunately, this cleaning spree coincided with me being quite lethargic and apathetic, so whilst the house was mostly clean, it was a very surface clean. I haven’t ventured under the sofas, the windows didn’t get cleaned, and I have cupboards with doors about to spring open. I have also, regardless of my January challenge to clear one box out of the loft, put four more boxes up there.

Mr PC took the kids out to Hereford on Saturday, so people could be shown round without kiddy sized distraction. They went to Play Planet, then on to McDonalds, where they didn’t have lunch because the queue reached right to the door. They also stopped at a chemist to get some headlice treatment. Oh Joy.

The house was lovely and clean, apart from the washing basket which was completely full, the standard result of asking the girls to tidy their bedrooms.

On Sunday morning, a smell was emanating from Mr 4’s room. He is still in a nappy overnight, but hasn’t been dirty for about a year. Yesterday he was. Overflowing. The sort of overflowing that results in extra loads of washing, emergency baths and the liberal application of Febreze. Oh, and the need to wash a duvet in the bath because it won’t fit in the washing machine. Thank goodness it was the day after the viewings!

It did lead to a rather harried morning. Now I love sleep. If you ask me whether I’m a lark or an owl, I’ll say neither. Possibly I’m an ork: an owl in the morning and a lark in the evening. This meant that even though church here didn’t start until 10.30, I had still only left myself an hour to get up and ready. That was quite a busy hour! Still, we made it, and the Kings carrying Frankincense and Myrrh made it to Bethlehem.

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1 Response to Cleaning

  1. Laura says:

    On a Sunday morning…oh my! One hour for us is just borderline to make it out the door for church, and I’m not sure why. Somehow, the Sunday morning mad scramble ensues!

    Our Christmas tree just came down and out the door last night, but the boxes of ornaments still haven’t made their way into the closet yet. The basement fridge did get cleaned out, but I have to revisit my list for constant “inspiration.” The knitting has suffered a set-back, and my mood has been growly (growley?) rather than lethargic. I think I’d rather be lethargic!

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