Christmas Present Review: Moon Dough

Santa left some moon dough in the stockings in this house. I had never had a chance to play with it before. We had had moon sand, which was rubbish – it got everywhere, and stuck inside the moulds. I was a bit nervous as the moon dough got tipped out – I had no idea whether its similarity to moon sand ended with the name or not.

Moon dough is completely different. It is brilliant. The texture is like nothing I have ever felt before. You press it into the moulds, and then it tips out perfectly.

It is quite solid stuff when it has been pressed into its mould. The cars have been played with by Mr 4, and are still intact.

Yet it breaks apart easily. I have had real trouble coming up with a comparison, but it is a bit like nougat with how easily it comes apart.

I was a bit curious as to how it works, and I found this interesting article on the Chemistry World blog. Go and have a look! Then go and buy some and play with it. You really need to feel it to understand it.

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1 Response to Christmas Present Review: Moon Dough

  1. Karen says:

    The kids think it is great too. Quite expensive here though.

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