How Unfit Am I?

Yesterday I heard about a way to get started running. It’s called c25k, and the long title is the couch to 5k nine week running plan. I thought it sounded good, and I decided to give it a go.

I have never been fit. I always hated sports, particularly team sports, firstly because I hated the idea of letting down my team mates, and secondly because I hate being watched doing something I’m rubbish at. At the age of 13, I moved to NZ and went from being bad at sport, but by no means the worst in my class, to The Worst By A Long Way. Obviously that didn’t improve my attitude.

The c25k scheme starts with alternating running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds, sandwiched between 5 minute warm up and warm down walks. No problem, I thought, I can do that.  And by April I’ll be running 5k! Hmm.

I struggled with the first run. Muscles in the front of my shins and ankles, which obviously haven’t had to do anything for years, complained vociferously. Luckily, they settled down to the job, and were fine after the first 60 seconds. The middle section was fine, and I felt like I was doing well, and I got just past Dunkertons Cider Mill, then turned to come back. That’s when it got difficult. It had been slightly downhill most of the way there, which made it slightly uphill all the way back. I was really struggling by the seventh repeat, and only ran for about half the allotted minute, but for the eighth and final one I had recovered enough to complete it.

Now I just have to figure out how to fit the next two runs in. Today, Mr 4 was at pre-school all day so I could go out running*. On Saturday, I might have to start getting up a bit early to fit it in. The problem is Monday or Tuesday. I have Mr 4 all day, so I have a choice of getting up very early (not likely), going out very late after dark (not really an option), finding someone to look after Mr 4 (difficult) or piggybacking him (no).

I’m going to have to think and plan on this one. I suspect I’m going to make quite slow progress, so only running twice a week might mean I make no progress at all. I might have to get out the Wii Fit and jog along to that instead!


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3 Responses to How Unfit Am I?

  1. Monica says:

    YOu too eh? well done though. Don’t get too worried about following the programme completely strictly, though, just keep it up when you can.

    I must start running again too… sigh.

  2. Laura says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll be surprised at your progress after the first couple of weeks! I always feel exactly the same the first couple times out.

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