A Swishing Party

I went to a swishing party. Until a couple of months ago I had no idea what a swishing party was. It all sounded a bit risque to me. I know there aren’t likely to be many people as ignorant of these things as I am, but in case anyone out there is, it is a clothes swapping party. It is ethical, fun and frugal.

The PTFA ran it as a fundraiser. The school hall was arrayed with tables, each decorated by a table host. I was on Crafty Kitchen’s table, and I could tell it was hers the moment I walked in:

It was the only table with candles, the only table with crackers, and had the prettiest wine glasses around, and decorated jars as vases. We all shared a huge meal, and I refrained from seconds of dessert simply because I was just too full already.

I took along four items of clothing I never wore, and came home with four items of clothing I really like and will wear and wear. I found a skirt very similar to my all time favourite one. I even acquired a cardigan with its tag still attached. Now that was a worthwhile evening!

This was all on Friday evening. It has taken me so long to post this because I took the photo on my phone, and I lost the lead to my phone. I regularly lose the lead to my phone, then find it again because I forget that it is the same lead which plugs in to the plug to recharge it. I have forgotten and then remembered this about four times. Sad but true.

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