Non Stick Frying

A few weeks ago I bought a new frying pan. I had attempted to cook pancakes and was horrified at the way they stuck like glue to the old pan. The non stick surface had been gradually eroded until it was useless. I shunned my normal cheapskate ways and paid more than I normally would. I bought a branded product!

Today, once more, I made pancakes. For the first time ever in my life, the pancakes did not stick at all. I could pour them, wait, shake the pan and they were loose. I could have tossed them if I had been brave. I had always wondered how people managed to make non stick pancakes. Turns out you just need to buy decent cookware.

The picture is the used frying pan next to the empty batter bowl. The pancakes themselves disappeared in a trice.

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  1. crafty kitchen says:

    You haven’t found something they all like have you?

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