Good Mummy Points

World Book Day. Don’t we all love it?

Tomorrow, our girls have to dress as characters from Roald Dahl stories. We were warned well in advance, before half term. It has been discussed and planned. Miss 8 will be Verucca Salt and Miss 10 was going as a mouse. Until yesterday. Yesterday she came home and announced that she would not be a mouse, but had to be – had to be – Fantastic Mr Fox.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I rushed out this morning, and bought some fluffy fabric. The shop owner hurried aside the others waiting for fabric to be cut. ‘Woman on a mission!’ she called out, ‘costume required by tomorrow!’

I came home. My sewing machine has been lurking menacingly in the cupboard under the stairs. It has grown dusty and grey, and more intimidating with all the neglect I have showered on it. Today, it came out to play, and, surprisingly, it played very nicely.

I made a pair of fluffy trousers. I made a fluffy hood with little fluffy ears. I made a fluffy tail (detachable). I made a waistcoat front. Miss 10 is happy. I am relieved.


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2 Responses to Good Mummy Points

  1. Laura says:

    You are amazing. My kid would have been sent off with a paper fox mask and a red vest!

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