Keeping Up

The last couple of weeks I have alternated between being frantically busy, and being incredibly indolent. Neither of these states is great for producing entertaining and interesting blog posts!

Since the start of the year I have completed two accounting work books, and am a third of the way through a third. This is almost half of my level 4 qualification learnt! I really had to put on the rocket powered roller skates for these. My original plan was to finish the entire course by summer, and I was way off track. Now I am almost back in line with my original targets (apart from the actual sitting of exams; I have yet to book them). Almost all my child free time recently has been spent either studying or house cleaning. Oh what an exciting life I lead!

This weekend, though, I abandoned the kids to their own entertainment. I spent an afternoon curled up in a patch of sunlight, thinking about how lovely it would be to be a cat. My daemon would definitely be feline! I knitted part of a sock, realising that I have found the best pattern so far.

We did break the indolence and get out for a walk in the sunshine yesterday. Mr 4 went to a party, so we took advantage of the two hours to go for a walk at a slightly faster pace than we usually manage. It meant we also had time to sit and admire the sunshine in the trees.



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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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