I grew up in Harrow. This means I was surrounded by Indian families. I grew up loving Indian food (particularly the sweets) and now curry is a regular part of our meal plans. Once I had finished university and moved away from home, I moved back to Harrow. I lodged with an Indian (Gujurati) family for a year and a half, but I never made chapatis. I watched in awe, as they were deftly rolled and cooked in high speed. Once, they let me try rolling one myself, had a good laugh, then carried on, making ten perfect circles in the time it had taken me to ruin one ball of dough.

Fast forward (almost) a couple of decades. Sue at The Quince Tree posted a recipe for flatbreads. I remembered a huge bag of chapati flour I have still in the cupboard. It was originally intended for bread making. It was to be used half and half with white flour to make a bread that my children and husband wouldn’t realise had any goodness in it. Sadly, it just made me discover that I am the only person in this household who likes bread anything other than bright bleached white. I went into our local shop the other day, feeling in need of a treat. Did I come out with chocolate? biscuits? ice cream? No. I came out with a loaf of Shropshire Brown bread. Oh My. Bread heaven.

Anyhow, I digress.

Tonight was curry night. I printed off Sue’s recipe, which was a bit different to the one on the side of the flour packet (mix 63g water with 100g flour, make little balls of dough, and roll them out). Sue’s recipe had oil and salt in too, which made me think it would be a bit more doughy and springy. I mixed all I needed to mix. I rolled some balls of dough (I got 15 from the mix) and I rolled and cooked them.

I wasn’t quick; most weren’t particularly round; the kitchen at the end resembled a snowdrift, but I made them! I am so chuffed at myself. They tasted great, and everyone in the family ate some. That’s quite an achievement. Now I must search out some gulab jamon and burfi recipes…


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