Broken Computer

My computer is working!!!

This is a statement worthy of three exclamation marks, I assure you. My big old laptop will turn 9 in June. It has had regular problems with the power jack. It is now on its fourth one. A few weeks ago, it started playing up again. The power would disconnect and a jiggle of the cord or pulling it out and re-inserting it would sort out the problem.

The instances of this happening got more and more frequent until last week. Last week the power didn’t stay on unless I physically held the power cord in place. It is not particularly convenient to have to hold a power cable in place whilst typing. I sighed and began the standard pre-operation procedure. I copied everything that I thought the loss of would make me a) panic or b) cry onto memory sticks. Whilst holding the power cord in place.

Did I mention that the battery on this computer has long gone senile? It has forgotten that it should provide power for several hours, so external power always has to be on. You can get away with unplugging to move to a different room, and re-plugging in, and there’s enough battery juice to shut down gracefully if there’s a power cut, but beyond that no. Nothing. It’s 5 minutes tops.

I was sat there, copying files onto memory sticks, pressure on the power cord, watching the estimated time remaining. 10 mins, 34 secs……. 10 mins, 33 secs….. 10 mins, 32 secs….. when Mr PC came to my rescue. My knight in shining tinfoil. He wrapped tinfoil round the end of the connector, and hey-presto, it worked. WARNING. Do not try this at home, folks. Putting tinfoil into your computer is not generally a good idea. Mr PC is a highly trained expert!

I went to cook tea, while Mr PC ordered a new power jack.

It came and Mr PC set to, fixing my computer. I do trust him completely to do the job, but I can’t help but be a little bit nervous when I see my computer spread out in a thousand pieces across the kitchen table. I try to pay as little attention to this sort of thing as possible, and I stay well away, so as to cause no distraction or increase the risk of spilt coffee in the vicinity.

I just cheer and clap when told my computer is fixed. Hooray!


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One Response to Broken Computer

  1. Oh my, The worry…thank goodness for Mr PC…They do come in handy sometimes!

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