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A Very English Drought

Field Picnic Area

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Don’t You Just Love it When…

You’re reading a book and you end up having to slow down because the words make you want to roll them over your tongue, savour them, and say them out loud. “…it gives me back music, music to match the … Continue reading

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Mistletoe House

I’ve been to Mistletoe House! It was a friend’s birthday today, so it was lovely to go out for a sociable cup of tea and piece of cake. Mistletoe House is a beautiful place to spend a while. It is … Continue reading

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ALDI Everyday Essentials

Regular readers of this blog will know that I shop at ALDI. I made no secret of the fact that I like ALDI. I like being able to buy good quality products at low prices. I also liked not having … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Chocolate for breakfast today – It’s the Law! Luckily we finished the last of our Christmas stash last week. We don’t do no chocolate for lent, because four of the five of us never overdo it anyway. Mr 4, in … Continue reading

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I Fail to Shop

What is it with this country and people panic shopping before bank holidays? I tried to go to the supermarket today. I had forgotten to pick up a chicken on Monday (my normal shopping day) and I thought that hot … Continue reading

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