I Fail to Shop

What is it with this country and people panic shopping before bank holidays? I tried to go to the supermarket today. I had forgotten to pick up a chicken on Monday (my normal shopping day) and I thought that hot cross buns might be nice for tomorrow, why not pop in and pick some up?

We had had quite a successful trip to Leominster in the morning. Mr 4’s glasses have been adjusted so they don’t slip down his nose, and I made an unscheduled purchase of a mahogany book trough. Poor Miss 10 has been in need of a bookshelf for years, and now has a lovely, elegant storage solution. The Moshi Monsters membership card was purchased, and we were homeward bound.

The supermarket is on the way home. On the way, Mr 4 gave me fair warning of his desperate need to find a toilet, which added a certain urgency to proceedings. I was surprised at how full the carpark was. Then I was a little miffed to see the last parent and toddler parking space taken by a middle aged couple – sans children – who pipped me to the place coming from the opposite direction.

I drove around, and didn’t spot a single other spare space. Now, I really don’t get this shopping panic in the days leading up to a holiday. It’s just one day! The supermarket is open as usual tomorrow, and on Saturday. It’s only Sunday that it’s closed. A whole six hours when we would usually be able to shop, and can’t because it’s Easter.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps the supermarket is always packed to the limit on Thursday lunchtimes. I wouldn’t know. I do my best not to go there too often.

I didn’t stop. I didn’t shop. I came home. I really am not going to bother if parking the  car is going to take me longer than eating the food I’m planning to buy!

Get a grip, Britain! You need to visit France in May. Then you’ll need to stock up for bank holidays.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to I Fail to Shop

  1. Laura says:

    No, not just Britain! Same problem here, too! Surprised me, because, yes, the stores ARE open on Saturday!

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