Happy Easter

Chocolate for breakfast today – It’s the Law!

Luckily we finished the last of our Christmas stash last week. We don’t do no chocolate for lent, because four of the five of us never overdo it anyway. Mr 4, in particular, loves getting chocolate, and loves nibbling off the top of Santa’s hat or the tips of the rabbit’s ears (depending on the season), but then is equally happy to leave it at that for a while. Madness.

Anyway, we have had a glorious Easter day. We sang some much loved hymns, the kids got  given mini eggs along with a blessing at the communion rail, and it didn’t rain. We got out for a walk this afternoon. We had a nice stroll along the Lye in Sned Wood, which is a level easy path. The aim was that the kids wouldn’t find it too strenuous, but Mr 4 did end up demanding piggy backs on the way back. It’s a good thing I’ve been working on improving my fitness lately.

Hope your Easter was lovely as well!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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