ALDI Everyday Essentials

Regular readers of this blog will know that I shop at ALDI. I made no secret of the fact that I like ALDI. I like being able to buy good quality products at low prices. I also liked not having choice. Let me clarify that. I would prefer to have a wider range of different products to choose from, but I like only having one thing of each type. If I need self raising flour, I pick up a bag of self raising flour, and don’t have to choose between eight different brands and qualities.

Recently, they have introduced a new range, Everyday Essentials. This means that choice is creeping in. You can buy the Cucina penne, or you can buy the Everyday Essentials penne at a bit cheaper. It has begun to erode one of the reasons I like shopping there. Still, if the cheaper products are good, I might as well us them, so here we are, some reviews.

Pasta – Penne:
We have switched to the everyday essentials pasta. We eat pasta at least once a week, often twice. The cheaper pasta seems to take on a lot more water in the cooking process, and the point at which it goes from being undercooked to being a bit mushy when overcooked seems to happen in an instant. Nothing a better cook than me can’t cope with. I’m quite happy with the swap, and happy to save the pennies. I also have to cook less to fill the plates.

Baked Beans:
I’ve tried the Everyday Essentials baked beans so you don’t have to. Seriously, don’t bother. They are awful. There is finally a food that everyone in this house agrees on. The whole thing is much more liquid, the beans smaller and mushier, the taste not good at all. I should have known by looking at the ingredients and nutrition information.

Protein per 100g: Corale, 5.2g; Everyday Essentials 3.7g.

The first three ingredients tell the real story.
Corale: Navy Beans (51%), Tomato Puree (21%), Water
EE: Haricot Beans (44%), Water, Tomato Puree (6%)

It really isn’t worth the 2p difference in price for the massive quality drop.

OK, I’m not the person to review sausages for you. I don’t eat them. The only ones I quite like are completely vegetarian and probably taste nothing like the real thing. Miss 10, however, does like sausages. She is an inverse measurer of quality. She only likes the cheap ones that have barely a hint of pork! The Everyday Essentials ones contain 40% pork. She loves them. Great. We save money, she loves her dinner. Win, win for us, but your family might not think the same way.

I might review all the different types of chocolate next week!

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