SATs Week

Miss 10 has been sitting her SATs this week. They have apparently been ‘fine’.

There doesn’t seem to have been any undue stress, except for me. I have had to do twice as many school runs. All the year sixes have been going in to school half an hour early in order to have breakfast together. I get there, drop off Miss 10, turn for home, then have 5 or 10 minutes at home before having to get the other two out the door. This is when I am so lucky that Mr PC works from home, and I can just leave the younger ones there while I pop out. It’s been lovely for Miss 10, though. She has had much more interesting breakfasts than are ever on offer here!

There has also been an array of soft toys going to school. They were officially allowed ‘a mascot’, but this became an opportunity to show off how many and varied their collections are. Meercats, lions, rabbits, bears, all got an outing to school. I have never been quite sure how this sort of thing is supposed to help in exams, but I suppose I’m not an expert.

I have to admit, I haven’t put much effort into getting Miss 10 to practise for the tests. I regularly feel bad about how I don’t enforce homework time, but then I think about how little homework I had at that age (none). Our generation turned out OK, didn’t we? Or should I be worrying that the world has got that little bit more competitive?


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One Response to SATs Week

  1. Monica says:

    No SAT in our school! Phew.

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