Wardrobe Clearing

Miss 8 had a messy bedroom. It wasn’t really that bad. We had a huge clear out about a year ago, and regular tidy-ups since, but there was a layer of stuff over the entire floor, so we tackled that.

Then, remembering my de-cluttering aim, I decided to go behind closed doors! I removed some of the unused coat hangers from the wardrobe.

Don’t worry, I left her some spares!

This is particularly important as I know that the washing basket is virtually full of clothes that had been strewn across her floor. They’ll need somewhere to be hung once I’ve worked my way through the washing pile.

Seriously, I have no idea how come she had so many hangers. They multiply by themselves! Whenever we buy clothes we generally have the hangers taken out in the shop. We try not to take home anything we don’t need, but somehow these creep in. I’m on a mission now, to keep coat hangers under control.


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