Olympic Torch Relay

It was off to Leominster this afternoon. The Olympic torch came through our nearest town, so we had to go and see it! The girls were very excited to be going! I’m not one to take them out of school on a whim, but this isn’t an event likely to be repeated any time soon. We went to Broad Street first.

I can safely say I have never seen so many people in Leominster at one time. Broad Street seemed to be the most popular place to be, so we went off to find ourselves somewhere a bit less crowded to stand. Off we went to West Street. We found a place that was literally none-deep (until we filled it).

The weather had turned on a glorious day. The morning had been a bit chilly, and at times we were unsure whether it was just a bit misty or whether it was actually raining. By lunchtime the dampness had burnt off and the day was seriously warm. We stood in the sun waiting for the torch relay to arrive, and a very pleasant wait it was.

First to pass were the police riders

I have probably seen more police officers today than in the whole of my life up until now (I lead a sheltered life!)

Then, of course there was a convoy of all the support vehicles and sponsorship trucks.

We were chatting at this point about the relay. It’s lovely that so many people get to carry a torch, but Mr PC said how nice it would be if someone we had heard of was carrying it. To be honest, we are not sporty types at all, and some of the most famous sportspeople in the world could come running past and we wouldn’t have a clue who they are.

We do, however, know who Sharron Davies is.

This afternoon, Miss 8 said she wished she could turn back time so she could go back and watch it again. Now that means it was a successful trip! We did try to watch it again on the official website. We watched it all the way to where we were standing … it was edited …. We’re on the cutting room floor!


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