Going Digital

We are going digital. No, not the TV switchover; that happened months ago. Videos. Our video machine has been stuck up in the loft for quite a while, but really, why keep it at all? We just hadn’t got round to transferring everything we have on tape onto a more modern, less atmosphere susceptible medium.

This week we have finally done the job. Oh, it is a long job! The main problem is you actually have to physically play everything in order to re-record it onto the computer. I had almost forgotten the joys of fast forwarding and rewinding to get to the place you want. Sometimes I think what some people think is progress is a step backwards, but with recording technology, just the ability to get to the bit you want to, and to copy it without having to play the whole thing through: Fantastic. Now, even better, we can get rid of the old machine, thus clearing a bit of attic space.

It didn’t seem a big pile once we had sorted out what we really wanted to keep, and what could just be binned (including about 10 tapes with ‘re-usable’ scribbled on them. Why did I box them up and put them in the loft in the first place? Did I really think I would ever decide to bring the video back down and record something new off the TV? What was going through my head? They should have been binned years ago! However.) We had a small pile of videos and four music cassettes vital to our future happiness and place in some future historian’s archive.

They have now all been recorded. The kids have had a home-video-fest. We had already put Home Video 2001 to Home Video 2003 on DVD, so they have always had access to them. Now we are completely up to date. We also burned DVDs of the older stuff as well, that for some reason we hadn’t done before. On Sunday I watched a DVD which had been filmed almost thirteen years ago. I looked at it, then realised I was wearing the same dress. I seriously need to go shopping! Or keep up with fashion a bit more. Or something. (Or, perhaps, nothing.)


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2 Responses to Going Digital

  1. Laura says:

    Or smile smugly and pat yourself on the back for still fitting into the same dress from 13 years ago. (that’s what I do!)

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