What a great day yesterday was! The school put on a fantastic day for the children. We have been collecting coins in the classrooms since the start of term, and so yesterday we made a huge picture in the playground with all the coins. Every child in the school put some coins in place.

There was an assembly, which was lovely to attend. Absolutely everyone was in red, white and blue except me. I did feel a bit out of place! Red, white and blue are not big colours in my wardrobe, and never have I felt the lack of particular colours so acutely! The children all received a souvenir New Testament supplied by the Diocese and a bookmark from the PTFA.

There were activities on the field – welly wanging and skittles and a variety of other activities I didn’t have a chance to look at, being busy with the coin picture. The afternoon was even better, with party food aplenty!

Best of the best? Friday assemblies are when awards are given out. This week Miss 10 won the Courtesy Cup. This is an award given to the child who has been most noticeably polite, courteous and well behaved, and Miss 10 has never won it before. I suspect that she had resigned herself to never winning it at all, as she has only six more weeks of primary school left. She was really thrilled to win it, particularly as I was there to see it.

Best of the rest? As PTFA treasurer, I get to count all the 1p and 2p pieces (and 2c and 5c pieces!) that came in to make the coin picture. I do like sitting amidst piles of neatly stacked coins. Odd, I know!


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