Moving House

We exchanged on our house sale today!

I was nervous about putting the fact we had sold up on this blog, but now we have exchanged I feel a lot more secure. It has taken nearly a year – this time last year I had finished de-cluttering (the first round, as it happens) and we were discussing which estate agents to call.

Now we have a moving date. 12th July. That means we will have lived here for exactly five years. To the day. (It rained the day we moved in, too. We seem to have jinxed the British summers since we have been here. Look forward to a stunningly hot 2013!) It is odd, I didn’t realise it was exactly five years until after we had decided on the date. I have to say, we have been so privileged to have lived in such a great place for five years.

There’s nothing like finishing all the decorating that’s taken years, and getting the house all clean and tidy to make you realise what a lovely home it is! We had a couple of days when we had two viewings in a day, and I absolutely loved the bit in between the two viewings when I could sit and enjoy the peace (Mr PC having taken the kids out) and know that there was nothing that needed doing. The house was in as good a state as it ever gets. (I’m looking out now at the living room floor, coated in abandoned books, pencils, ironing piles, socks and Wii accessories, thinking I should have taken more photos when it was clear!)

Now is when the work starts. I’m sure we can get rid of a huge number of things that we won’t need once we’ve moved, and in some cases haven’t needed while we’ve lived here. Now, on with the box packing!

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