Telephone Troubles

We have been talking to BT today. We have two phone lines here, and we have to cancel them, and get lines at our new house for when we moved. The ‘house’ phone is in my name, and the line Mr PC uses for work in his his name. We both phoned, and we had totally different experiences.

I called. I gave them our moving date, and our new address. No problem, the phone line is there and can be switched on, I have a provisional phone number, billing will stay the same as now, and do I want broadband? Apart from the person on the phone battling with his computer system (the call which I have summarised in one line actually took half an hour) it all went fine, and we have an appointment for an engineer to come and connect us up.

Mr PC’s call did not go quite as smoothly. According to BT Business, the postcode doesn’t exist, there are no phone lines there, and fibre to the cabinet? Oh no, we don’t know if you can get that. An engineer will have to come out to check that the house exists, has a phone line, and is not too far from the exchange to make BT Infinity impossible. They’ll let us know when an engineer can come out, but it does take several weeks. And we’ll be billed for the cancellation of this line and have to call customer services to get a refund once we’ve got the new line.

It really was like dealing with two completely different companies. We live in hope that it will all sort itself out in the end!

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