Looking Again

When you have a new piece of art in your house, whether it is something you have made, been given or bought, it catches your eye. Every time you walk past you notice it. Eventually, however much you love it, it becomes part of the background, not worthy of a second glance. This is such a shame, that today I decided to look again at the things in my house. Today I looked at this:

Sorry about the flash reflection! I did try to take a shot without a flash, but I didn’t stand a chance. I love this cross stitch. It appeals to my love of knowing facts, my love of symmetry, and is in a colour range I come back to time and time again. I like each individual picture. I can tell you that each one took about one evening to cross stitch and another evening to outline and do the writing. The whole thing represents hours  and hours of my 1999-2000 free time (that was BK – Before Kids!). It is also the only cross stitch I have ever had professionally framed.

The great thing about paying attention to it after long being ignored – I can only spot one of my mistakes! I know I made several, but only one is bad enough to still be noticeable.

Now go on … go and look at a picture you’ve stopped noticing.


About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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