Worn Out

Miss 9 is hard on her clothes. I never expect anything of hers to be good enough after use to be passed on. I’m not quite sure how she does it, but she will be the one with elbows out of her cardigan, and buttons held by a thread (if attached at all), while Miss 10 will be looking as neat as if we’d just gone shopping yesterday.

Meet Miss 9’s shoe.

She brought it to me this evening, ‘Mum, I’m not sure what happened…’

How did you do that? – I don’t know.

When did you do that? – I don’t know.

We were in Hereford last weekend. We were near shoe shops (an occurrence which typically happens only once every two or three months). We asked questions like, ‘Do either of you need anything we haven’t got on our list?’


I have worked out that the shoe pictured is the brake for her scooter. New brake pads required!


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1 Response to Worn Out

  1. Monica says:

    when my brother was little he used to use the top of his shoes instead of the bike brakes… well my mum got fed up and told him he had to go in his flip flops. Well, you can imagine how guilty she felt when he forgot what he was wearing and tried to brake in his usual manner! The top of his fee was raw!! ouch.

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