Shobdon Food and Flower Festival

At the weekend we went to the Shobdon Food and Flower Festival. The organisers have been watching the weather reports with trepidation, and a last minute park and ride was set up, because the grass which usually serves as a car park was far too sodden.

As it happens, while we were there, the sun shone. We had pulled up at the car park, and grabbed the last five seats in a mini bus just due to head up to Shobdon. For us it worked out to be a very efficient solution!

Our first stop was the food and drink marquee. There was a huge range of local food producers. We bought a loaf from a speciality bread maker. Sadly, with this family’s various likes and dislikes we had to eschew the olive bread and the chilli loaf and go for a plain white rustic loaf. It was lovely, but I wish the children (one in particular!) would broaden their tastes a bit.

One of the stalls I made sure I stopped at was the Jo Hilditch British Cassis stall. I first tried this at the Shobdon Food Festival four years ago, and have been meaning to buy some ever since! It is a truly delicious drink, and even better when topped up with sparkling wine. Perfect for a sunny summer afternoon.

And what is summer without strawberries? I love strawberries, but only eat them very rarely because they have to be just right. These were perfect.

The craft marquee was our next stop, but we didn’t buy anything there. There were some temptations! Miss 9 loved the agate and gemstone stall, and Miss 10 stopped at Fleeces and Pieces and had a go at carding some wool. I was drawn to some gorgeous wooden buttons, which looked like a slice of a tree branch, quartered. I had to keep reminding myself that I am not supposed to be buying anything at the moment. I am de-cluttering and packing!

We had to visit the church as well. Shobdon church has been closed for repairs for the last year and a half, and has only just re-opened this month. This is a very special church. In world terms it was on the World Monuments Fund list 2010/11 of the 100 most important at risk buildings in the world. In personal terms, it is where Mr 4 was christened. Not because it is our local parish church, but because in our group of parishes that was where the family service was the week we could get all our family together! It is a beautiful place.

It was a bit crowded when we were in there, so I didn’t take any photos. We’ll go back sometime this week to photograph all the floral displays and have a proper record of the church. It’ll be nice to see it and be able to spend time looking without being in anyone else’s way!

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