It rained a bit this morning.

I had dreamed of thunder. Then, after the alarm went off, I got up and headed to the bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth, the lights dimmed for a couple of seconds, then thunder rolled. I felt it through the floor!

Then the rain came down. In ten minutes the road was a river. The water was pouring off the rooves. We could barely see the other side of the street, the rain was so heavy. I have never, ever seen rain like this before.

Zoom in, and you can actually see the rain:

Seriously, I was wondering what clothes we had that would be remotely suitable for a school run in weather like this. Luckily, within an hour it had stopped. We did a school run with the main danger of deluge being from passing traffic.

I wish I had taken my camera, and wasn’t in a rush with hands completely full! I would have shown you that the steps down from our lawn had become a waterfall and that half our gravel driveway had washed onto the road. Our plant which sits in a fireplace got watered! Luckily we didn’t flood. Some local people now have soggy carpets.

We got off lightly. If you look at the third photo in the range, that bus is probably the one that should have taken Miss 9’s class to their swimming lesson this morning, and never made it!

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1 Response to Monsoon

  1. Laura says:

    That’s scary and amazing at the same time! We were caught driving home in a flash flood a few years ago. We had a very hard time finding a safe way home, and we were driving in a 4×4 jeep!

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