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A Social Interlude

We have had visitors today. It is a bit isolating to move away from everyone you know, particularly at the start of the summer holidays – six long weeks of just us! So it was lovely to have some visitors. … Continue reading

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Book Drought

If anyone has popped over to my book list recently, they might have noticed it hasn’t changed in a while. To be honest, I don’t think I’d read anything new this year at all (shocking, I know). For various reasons … Continue reading

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The View

This is the view from Mr 4’s room. Bob the Builder, eat your heart out.

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The Regal Cinema

We didn’t have much in the way of a plan for today. My new rule, though, is that everyone has to be out of bed by 9am on weekdays. This is not typical for us in holiday time, I can … Continue reading

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And We Are In

In the whole history of things just falling into place at the right moment, we just struck gold. I didn’t really go into this on this blog, but the whole saga of moving house was quite a long story. Just … Continue reading

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Moving House

See you on the other side!

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Jumping Ships

Yesterday evening we had a fashion show. Jumping Ships is a local clothing manufacturer. The factory is in the next village that-a-way, and they have a shop in Leominster, which I have visited, and bough a dress from last summer, … Continue reading

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Welcome to My Garden

Is it raining where you are? It is here. Luckily I went out yesterday afternoon to catch the garden in a brief interlude of sunniness! Come on out the back door! (Mind you don’t trip over the toys left seemingly … Continue reading

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Breakfast Time

In the school holidays, I let the kids pick a breakfast cereal to try. A few weeks later, if they’ve decided they don’t really like it, and it’s still in the cupboard, I end up eating it. This week, I … Continue reading

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