Welcome to My Garden

Is it raining where you are? It is here. Luckily I went out yesterday afternoon to catch the garden in a brief interlude of sunniness!

Come on out the back door! (Mind you don’t trip over the toys left seemingly purposely in your path!)

Then along the path.

Perhaps you’d like to play for a while on the climbing frame?

Maybe a sit down and a pot of tea would be better.

Oh, I know! You want to see where we keep our junk. Of course you do!

The garden shed. This one houses our lawnmower and garden tools, with the kids’ bikes crammed in and interlocked such that there is much muttering and grumbling every time I have to get them out.

Next to that, is this. We have been told it would have originally been a pig sty. We just put junk under there.

And behind the yew tree? The toilet! (I have to admit I have never been to investigate any closer than this!)

In the other back corner is the tool shed. This is Mr PC’s domain. I tell you, a job isn’t worth doing unless you have to buy three new tools in order to complete it!

Let’s pop round the front, just for a moment. I want to show you my crocosmia. My friend, Avril, gave me these about three years ago. The first year they did nothing (fair enough – I was – ahem – a bit slow in getting them into the ground). The next two years they were a bit slow. They seemed to think that they were aiming to flower in November, and obviously that didn’t quite work out. This year they seem to be doing great, and I will miss them!

It has been a real privilege to have a space like this. We love our garden, and will be really sad to leave it. Now if it will stop raining a bit, I might get to spend a few more hours in it!

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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