Jumping Ships

Yesterday evening we had a fashion show. Jumping Ships is a local clothing manufacturer. The factory is in the next village that-a-way, and they have a shop in Leominster, which I have visited, and bough a dress from last summer, when I first decided to only buy clothes I really like, but fewer of them. They came with a stack of clothes, and we put on a fashion show for the village. The catwalk was down the centre aisle of the church!

I was a model! I’m not quite sure how come I managed to be persuaded into that, but it ended up being quite fun. I do like an excuse to try on lots of clothes. Sometimes, as well, having to try clothes that you would normally walk straight past is an eye opener. Things you are sure won’t suit at all can turn out to be lovely.

I really like a lot of the stock in the shop. I could have bought a huge bagful of clothes! In the end I bought two dresses. The first, a spriggy, floral, cotton summer dress (now I’m just waiting for the summer weather to wear it), and the second, a green linen dress. I do love both green and linen. This is some great progress in my quest for elegance, and my aim to own less, but only things I love.

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  1. gaynorlewin says:

    We have new styles every week! Sizes 8-20. Available in store and online with FREE SHIPPING !!!

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