And We Are In

In the whole history of things just falling into place at the right moment, we just struck gold. I didn’t really go into this on this blog, but the whole saga of moving house was quite a long story.

Just over a year ago, we put our house on the market. In January, we sold. The first thing Mr PC said when we accepted the offer was ‘That’ll give it time to fall through by Easter’, and lo, so it came to pass. We were back on the market the week before Easter.

Two weeks later we had a viewing from someone who loved the house, had wanted to view it before, but had been unable to come to the area, then been disappointed to see the sold sign when they had made it to Pembridge a couple of weeks before Easter. I liked them instantly, they loved the house, and made an offer, and I was thrilled to be selling the house to someone like that. When you love the house you’re selling, you want the new owner to love it just as much.

We told them we would go into rented accommodation so the move could progress quickly. This was because we had tried to do a standard, sell one house, buy another move with the first sale. We had found a house we quite liked in Tewkesbury. We had made an offer, brought the offer up when the first one was rejected, and known it was a good offer. Then the sellers decided not to move, so we couldn’t buy it. We decided not to hold up our (eight deep) chain and go into rented. We also had a feeling it wouldn’t work out so we didn’t want to incur any unnecessary expenses. By the time we sold for the second time, it was established that we would rent, and take our time looking for a good house to buy.

Unfortunately, there were no houses to rent anywhere near Pembridge. I mean houses that were big enough. With three children and Mr PC working from home and all our junk, we needed four bedrooms! We began to panic! We widened our search area again, in case any new houses had come on just outside our search. We had already stretched it from Ledbury to Malvern to Worcester, but I began to do ridiculous searches, taking in half the country.

We decided in the end to rent in Worcester, as that seemed the most likely place we would end up. Then, a few days before we exchanged on the sale, we found this house! A new build, ready to move into, and just within our price range. Good school catchments, nice town and a local cinema. We decided to buy it.

We hoped we could time the sale with the purchase. This comes into the possible but very unlikely category. We hassled the bank. We hassled the solicitor. We made sure that everything we needed to do was done the same day. We planned which Premier Inn we would stay in if we couldn’t coincide, and got quotes for storage. Then, six days before the move, we exchanged and cheered!

We are now in. We have most things unpacked. The weather has changed, and we have eaten dinner in the garden. All is well. Well, apart from the hole in the wall left by the BT engineer, but that’s a different story.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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4 Responses to And We Are In

  1. Laura says:

    That timing is pretty fantastic! Is there anything (little touch ups, finishes, or changes) you’ll be doing to the new house to make it feel like “home” or is it just right?

    • planetcoops says:

      The new builds here come with magnolia walls, white glossed wood, no curtain poles or blinds, no toilet roll holders or towel rails and no lampshades. That means there’s plenty of decorating to do to make it ‘us’.
      Our turf was laid in such bad weather that it resembles a choppy sea, as I imagine every step the gardeners took they sank ankle deep (and Miss 9 entertained herself the first day by jumping up and down and watching mud spurt up a foot or so away). Plenty of gardening to be getting on with too, then!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Odd, and sad, but we know it was the right decision.

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