The Regal Cinema

We didn’t have much in the way of a plan for today. My new rule, though, is that everyone has to be out of bed by 9am on weekdays. This is not typical for us in holiday time, I can assure you! I was getting frustrated with having plans and waiting around for everyone to be up and about, so this morning at 5 to 9 I went to get the girls up. They were both busy playing on their DSs, and after complaining that they were ages away from a save point, they actually did get up.

We decided to go for a walk. One of the significant things about living here is that we will be able to walk to more places. I wanted to find out how long it took for us to get to the centre of town, and they had pocket money burning a hole in their pockets (goodness knows how – they haven’t done their chores for weeks).

We wandered along. When we reached the cinema we saw that The Pirates! In an adventure with Scientists was due to start in ten minutes, so in we went.

I have never been in a cinema like The Regal before. There is a bar. I saw one gentleman going in to the film with a cup of tea. It cost about half what it cost the last time I took the children to the cinema (although to be fair, that was unexpectedly in 3D so we had to buy glasses too). Have you ever sat in cinema seats that felt wide and comfortable? Have you ever stretched your legs out straight and been unable to touch anything in front of you? As of today, I have.

I picked up a loyalty card on the way out, because we will definitely going back. It’s a great little outing, and caters for all tastes. The shows on in July ranged from The Dark Knight Rises through Mamma Mia to Singing in the Rain via Up! They also have quite a few live performances of various sorts. I can tell that I’m going to be in need of a babysitter!

For the first time I have come out of the cinema wanting to talk about the cinema rather than the film. (although the film was great too!)

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2 Responses to The Regal Cinema

  1. Laura says:

    That’s great that you have so much within walking distance now. I don’t like going to the movie theatre, because at home I like to have a glass of wine or a cup of tea with my cauldron size bowl of popcorn. Seems like your theatre has just what ours is missing!

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