A New TV!

We have bought a new TV! Our old one was about the same age as our oldest child, which must have made it about 106 in TV years. We had decided before we moved that we would get a new TV once safely established in our new house. We had wandered round Curry’s looking at all the options available, and we were all (especially Mr 4) very excited about it.

It is thin! It is less than 2cm deep, as opposed to the almost 2 feet of our last set (I’m British – I’m allowed to swap between metric and imperial measurements at will). Our living room is now a whole lot bigger.

I now realise what all the HD fuss is about. Our old CRT TV was great in its day, and had a good clear picture. On the new TV, the non HD channels have a picture that is not quite as good as the old TV. I don’t mean that exactly – the picture is bigger, so a picture that was fine smaller doesn’t cope with being enlarged so well. The HD channels, though, are crystal clear. I’m looking forward to receiving more than 4 channels in High Definition.

So, we have spent some money. And what happened next? My credit card got blocked. Of course. I have suffered from fraud prevention far more often than I’ve suffered from fraud. Then Mr PC has to phone up because he’s the main cardholder and they won’t talk to me. A bit of a shame, really because it does tend to be me who does the spending. Mr PC has to answer lots of tricky questions like, ‘Have you recently spent £20.95 at Amazon?’ (‘I don’t know. I’ll have to ask my wife.’)

It is all sorted out now. The next thing I have to do is get organised and order some bathroom cabinets, toilet roll holders and towel rails. Hopefully that won’t tip the account into Fraud Alert again!


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