The Best Laid Plans

My plan for today centred around going to the library. The plan for this whole summer holiday was to get out for a walk as much as possible, preferably every day. In between waiting for tradespeople and delivery people and having exciting things like ‘going to Tesco’ to do, today would have been the third time we set out on foot from our house.

Until I strained my calf muscle. Was I, inspired by the Olympics, attempting a long jump, or recklessly embarking on some fitness regime way beyond my abilities? No. I was rushing to answer the door. Not even running, just walking a bit faster than usual. I have spent the rest of the day limping around, wondering how on earth I can manage to injure myself doing nothing.

Seeing as I was staying in, I though it might be good to get a UFO finished.

Unfinished CardiganOf all the things we have moved from one house to another, I know where almost everything is. Everything is, at the very least, in the right room, and most things are in their final ‘right place’. All except for black bin bags, and my tapestry needles. I cannot finish the cardigan, due to absent tapestry needles.

On a brighter note, this is a blanket I crocheted about twenty years ago.

Crochet BlanketIt has never had a real home. It hasn’t fitted in to any colour scheme I’ve had in the intervening years. When I was unpacking the ‘blankets’ box, Miss 11 asked whether they could each have a blanket in their bedrooms (mainly, I suspect, for den building). They have each picked one, and this one is now at home in Mr 4’s room. Very at home.

Bedroom Colour



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1 Response to The Best Laid Plans

  1. Laura says:

    I keep my tapestry needles in the project bag with the project that I am hoping will need them next. Of course, that’s never the project that I finish, so I end up diving around in ALL my project bags until I find those needles!
    That colour coordination in Mr. 4’s bedroom is pretty impressive, especially considering when the quilt was made.

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