Form Filling

There has been a lot of filling in of forms going on here. Some of the questions have caused a bit of debate as to what the answer should be. Firstly, doctors. The forms we filled in to register with the local surgery have a question about how much exercise we do. What, and how often per week. I ended up leaving it blank.

I don’t do anything I would class as ‘exercise’ really, but we are not completely sedentary. Miss 11 walks a mile to school, and a mile home, so 2 miles total. Miss 9 has a 1 and a half mile round trip. Mr 4, bless him, because he’s doing half days at the moment (although I’m not sure I would count 2 hours as half a day) gets to walk 3 miles a day. Me? I get to walk at least 4 1/2 miles a day until Mr 4 goes full time. This didn’t go on the surgery form, as I filled that in during the summer holidays, which had much less walking in them.

The other question which has troubled me slightly is religion (I know, the question of religion has troubled the world for a long time…). As I remember, most forms, if they cared at all, had a tick box for Christian. Perhaps Catholic, and Other Christian, perhaps Catholic, Church of England and Other Christian. The forms I have filled in recently (and there have been several) have had ‘please tick one’ followed by a range including CofE, Baptist, Methodist, United Reformed. Which do I tick? I am a Christian, but I don’t think any denomination gets everything right, and I dislike having to specify that I am one thing rather than another, when I really think it doesn’t matter that much.

For the record I have attended Brethren, Presbyterian, United Reformed, CofE and Methodist churches. This question is getting as tricky as the ‘Where are you from?’ one.

Lastly, school uniform. I filled in the school uniform purchase form. There is no high street outlet for the badged uniform at the First school. Being sensible (or so I thought) I ordered age 9-10 clothes for Miss 9. She came home with them yesterday. They were too big. Not just ‘she’ll grow into them’ too big, but comedy big. She looked like Dopey from Snow White. They have gone back today to be swapped for smaller stuff. Mr 4’s age 5-6 clothes fit him OK, though.

Ah! My hour and a half at home with no kids is up. Better go and get my walking shoes on!

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2 Responses to Form Filling

  1. I just hope this get to the writer on the TAXIMETER. Person My city licensing/Perment dept. dude said he need a way to lock/prevent me/someone from being able to change the rates after he inspects the rates. And he also asked me to mention the fact that there are to many TARIFF he wants just 1.

    I will pay you extra for the re-write if you would take off all but 1 TARIFF and add a password to the custom settings?

    I’m pretty sure that would do the trick for him.

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