Paul’s Plaited Loaf


Plaited LoafLook, look, look, what I made! That, my friends, is an eight strand plait. I’m so excited I’m beginning to sound like a three year old!

I’ve been watching The Great British Bake Off, and hugely enjoying it. I even bought the book. You see, one of the things I have thought while watching was that with a bit of practise, I could probably make some of those things. Not the fiddly decorative things, no. I’m not very good with towering arrangements of fruit, or carefully arranged chocolate squiggles, but the basic recipes. A lot of them seem quite simple underneath the sugar cages and delicately piped icing.

So here we are. I thought I’d try Paul’s Plaited Loaf. Bread is simple isn’t it? And I’m a long haired woman,who grew up with a long haired sister, and now has two daughters of her own. Plaiting, I can do. I did roll out the dough a little bit too long, and as I plaited they stretched even more, so the loaf is a bit longer and thinner than it should have been, and I could have used a wee bit more egg wash, but, minor points aside, I’m delighted. Chuffed to bits!

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1 Response to Paul’s Plaited Loaf

  1. Laura says:

    Your oven is working well and nothing can stop you now! That loaf looks fantastic and I’m thinking that since you’ve got the bread, the blueberries had better keep it up so you can make jam!

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