I made a dress!

This is an historic moment. I have previously attempted dressmaking. I have one dress which has been in progress for seven or eight years, and is, as yet, unfinished. Prior to that,  I made a dress in a club at high school. Dear Miss Scott, the teacher in charge, was the most suitable teacher for me due to her ability to smile and speak encouraging words no matter how disastrous the project in front of her.

But here it is – New Look 6013

New Look 6013I did have the problem of how to take a photo of myself without the help of a full length mirror. This is the hanging off the newel post at the bottom of the stairs looking in the hallway mirror pose.

Apart from it needing to be ironed, I am delighted! It took less than a day of my free time from start to finish. I have done hems, and put in a zip, and am just so excited that I’ve managed to produce something I really like and will wear. There are a couple  of places that I haven’t got quite flat – two places on the sleeves are slightly uneven, but nothing that anyone else will notice.

I did have a minor meltdown halfway through when my sewing machine stopped. I was stitching away, then clunk, clunk, nothing! I thought it was a disaster. It was the basic mechanics not working, as even turning the wheel by hand didn’t work. I took it apart, and put it back together and it still didn’t work. I was at my wits end. Do you know what cured it in the end? Oil. Simple. Basic. Oil. So a happy ending – me with a smile on my face and confidence to develop a new skill!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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4 Responses to Dressmaking

  1. You not only made a dress but it looks awesome! Oh I love it when a sewing project turns out to where I actually will wear it. Fun blog too.

  2. Laura says:

    I learned to sew before I learned to knit, and honestly, I found knitting much harder! With sewing, you are given the pattern pieces, and just have to sew them together. With knitting, you have to MAKE the pattern pieces, too! That was a hard one to get past, but so far, good success.

    Great job on the dress! Amazing that you got it done in a day!

    • planetcoops says:

      It’s the bits that have to look neat that defeat me – hems, darts, necklines. They don’t seem to present a problem when knitted. And I can knit a buttonhole no problem, but am terrified of sewing one!

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