A Shopping Trip

At the weekend we went to Cheltenham. Country mice that we have been, we haven’t been shopping in a town centre that big for years and years. (Somehow, the day trip to London doesn’t seem to count. London is big and full of shops, but although we ended up in sight of Harrods, we were in London for the museums, and never made it into a shop). Today we went into loads of shops. You know, if I lived neared and was in the habit of shopping more,  I’d need a bigger bank balance and a bigger house to keep everything in!

The real aim of the trip was to give the children a chance to spend some pocket money. They haven’t had much opportunity to spend their money. We are not the sort of family that goes out shopping a lot, so they have ended up thinking that tourist trap gift shops are the place to spend. I really want them to understand that some places are better value than others. And, of course, I wanted to explore Cheltenham, which is a quite lovely town.

In the end only one of us spent any money. Miss 9 bought some earrings from Claire’s Accessories. We failed to buy her a winter coat. Again. Oh, the trials of knowing exactly what you want before seeing what the shops have! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing. I found myself thinking about how I’d love to be able to shop away, and buy all the lovely homewares, clothes and shoes I saw. Then I remembered how thrilled I was at making a dress for myself. I knew that no matter how happy I was with any purchase, it would never equal the feeling of making it myself. That’s now the plan. The next clothing I buy will be in the form of a couple of metres of fabric!

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