Don’t Let Me Near Cake

There was a birthday here yesterday. Mr 4 is now Mr 5. He wanted a spiderman cake, and I thought, ‘No problem!’

I went shopping for some red colouring. I know that with icing sugar being white, colours tend to the pastel, and I wanted a really bright red, so I bought a product called bright gel food colours. I was set.

So I made a cake. Then I made a second cake because the first time round I had used plain flour instead of self raising. Raising agent is good in a cake. sigh.

Icing it was going to be a doddle. Red icing, with a spiderweb design. Easy peasy. Except that with the entire tube of red colouring I got a lovely baby pink shade. Refusing to make a pink cake for a five year old boy, I added some blue to give it a purplish tinge. Best of a bad job, really.

It was no longer going to be a spiderman cake, but I still made it a spider cake. Putting a black spiderweb pattern on was no problem, and drawing on a bright red spider with the writing icing I had was fine. Luckily Mr 5 was happy. Luckily it tasted good.

I’m not putting up a photo!

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4 Responses to Don’t Let Me Near Cake

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t think I was ever that nice of a mother! All I can remember making for birthdays is cupcakes. As they got older, it just turned into cookies, because I got so tired of throwing out party cupcakes with the icing licked off!

  2. Ah come on, give us a photo. I bet he thought it was the best cake ever!

  3. Passive slimmer says:

    Well well.five eh…still into purple spiderman! Bring a photo I’m sure it was a show stopper, star baker! X

  4. planetcoops says:

    Oh ye of too much faith…

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