I have been absent from this blog, so here are my excuses!

Today I sat two AAT exams. Budgeting and Financial Performance. Obviously it has been a bit of a priority, getting ready for these. I was sort of ready in April, but then it got abandoned, what with moving house and everything. Once Mr 5 was in school full time it shot back up to the top of the list. In the last week or so I have done the equivalent of about 25 practice papers to be ready for today. Now I just have two accounting exams and one project to go!

Mr PC upgraded my laptop to Windows 8. That took it out of action for a while. Do any of you have a Lenovo laptop? If you do, and are using the Lenovo instant reset, beware. If you have to remove the software (for example because you are upgrading to Windows 8, and the two do not get along at all well) it might just get rid of all your data at the same time. That’s right, getting rid of the reset software took us back to a clean fresh disk. Lucky I hadn’t deleted the last month’s photos from my camera, and still have the memory sticks I used to transfer everything older onto this machine. If you’re planning to do the same thing, take a backup first.

It took a long time to upgrade and reinstall all the software I had before getting it eradicated. So Windows 8. Don’t bother, is my quick opinion. Mr PC has installed a third party start button for me, because the Windows 8 system – pages of icons that would be fine to flick through on a touchscreen device – is just not the way I want to work with my notebook. Incidentally, it has also made my touchpad more difficult to control. The pointer zooms off with a mind of its own. Sadly, there’s no going back now. I’ll just have to wait for the service pack.

By the way, If you like playing The Sims 2, and don’t plan on spending money on The Sims 3, DO NOT UPGRADE. It doesn’t work on Windows 8. Miss 9 was sad.

On Friday, we took advantage of an inset day coinciding with half term in Herefordshire to go and visit friends. We had a lovely day, popping from house to house, enjoying cake and tea and sociability at every stop. It was so nice to see everyone again. It is quite lonely to move away from everyone you know, so great to go back. It is the seventh time in my life I have moved away from everyone and everything, and  this time, I had been beginning to think of Pembridge as home. It was the first time I had considered anywhere as ‘home’ as an adult.

In other news, I finished a dress! I have been making this dress for about seven years, and I have finally finished it. I can now say I will never, ever, make another dress that needs a handstitched hem again. Not unless I have a spare decade. The finished result is lovely – long, swishy and purple, but most significantly, it will go perfectly with the witch hat I’m planning to wear on Wednesday!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to Eventful

  1. Laura says:

    Those aren’t excuses, that’s just an awful lot of living! Congratulations on getting your exams done and winning the wrestling match with your computer!
    I’m sure you’ll look smashing in your new dress on Wednesday, (especially with such perfect accessories!)

  2. Passive slimmer says:

    Herefordshire friends miss you too! Keep up the hard work.

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