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Finished, and other Fs

So here it is, the NaNoWriMo certificate. I reached the 50,000 words today (It was 50,022 according to Word, and 50,008 according to the verification on the NaNoWriMo website. So I am most hugely chuffed, and feeling the delight of … Continue reading

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Forty Thousand

Look! See that? Word count 40,000! (conveniently on a page which reveals nothing!) I am exactly in line with the NaNoWriMo target. This is officially the longest thing I have ever written, longer than the previous unfinished novel which reached … Continue reading

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My George Vacuum Cleaner

If you have long hair DO NOT BUY A GEORGE. We bought a George, by Numatic, a couple of years ago. He’s the big brother of the ubiquitous Henry, and he likes water. He can wash as well as vacuum. … Continue reading

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Weekly Round Up

This week: 1. Shoe boxes made it to school for Operation Christmas Child (only remembered this morning because I had forgotten my hat and had to go back in the house for it, thus spotting the shoe boxes). 2. Children … Continue reading

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Broadway Tower

We needed to blow away some cobwebs this afternoon, so what better place than here? We went up to the top, which in the days when William Morris and his mates used to stay for a visit used to be … Continue reading

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A New Game

I’m playing a new game! The Compound Word Project. Domesticali has started up this game, and I am extra thrilled, because I am one of the photographers. I’m just a tiny bit nervous that my photo will stand out as … Continue reading

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Today’s post is brought to you by the power of paracetamol. I wasn’t very well yesterday. I felt fine while I was lying down, but as soon as I stood up I felt the desire to: a. lie down and … Continue reading

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Novel Writing

Welcome to November! This year I am doing NaNoWriMo*. I wasn’t planning to do it officially, you understand. I was just tagging along, but I have now just signed up to be an official participant. I will have my word … Continue reading

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