My George Vacuum Cleaner

If you have long hair DO NOT BUY A GEORGE.

We bought a George, by Numatic, a couple of years ago. He’s the big brother of the ubiquitous Henry, and he likes water. He can wash as well as vacuum. The reason we bought him, is that when our last vacuum died, the carpets needed a wash. We decided to get one that could do wet and dry, and as we had heard good reviews of Henry, we bought a George.

George has problems.

George NumaticSee that face? How could he be troublesome? I hear you cry. Hmm. This is how:

Overflowing BagThat’s one overflowing bag. Not because it’s full, no. Because the nozzle going into the bag is blocked. I know that it has happened because I suddenly have virtually no suction, and once I have done a few frustrated swipes over the same piece of carpet, I realise there’s a problem. It means I have to get the scissors out.

Cutting BagI have to cut the bag open and cut through the blockage in order to get the bag out. Then that’s one quarter full, utterly destroyed, leaking bag I have to put in the bin. The cause?

George InnardsSee that stop on the end of that tube? All the hair I vacuum up (there’s rather a lot of that in this house) wraps itself round that end stop and blocks the tube.

There are other minor quibbles, too. It is top heavy when in dry mode, so I continually tip it over, and the flexible tube part is not quite long enough to reach up (or down) the stairs to the middle step, which has therefore never had its edges cleaned.

The sad part is, I have never had a vacuum cleaner I have been completely happy with, but I am so unhappy with this one, I am planning to buy another even though this one is still fine and healthy. That is a first. I will keep George, but I will lock him in the garage until he’s needed for wet vacuuming.

So, do you have a vacuum cleaner you love and wouldn’t be without? Is there a particular type which is great – good suction, good with hair, good with thread, light enough to go up and down stairs without me complaining? What would you recommend? Let me know!

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5 Responses to My George Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Laura says:

    I love my Dyson DC25.
    Bagless, no clog (because you can take the whole thing almost completely apart!), pretty light, works on all surfaces and has a hose that extends for cleaning stairs, plus comes with multiple attachments. The worst thing hair does is wrap around the power bar, but you can take the power bar apart to clean very easily. Canister is clear, so you always know what it was you just vacuumed up, too!
    Expensive, but worth it, in my opinion.

  2. Bernard Darnton says:

    +1 for Dyson. I can’t remember the model number but, whatever it is, it’s the first non-crap vacuum cleaner we’ve ever had.

  3. One-oh-four says:

    Same here, we have the little stair-hugging model and it just rests on the stair behind you as you go up (and we have 4 staircases in our house so this was an important feature to me!). We bought the extension pack (intended for vacuuming the car but we use it anywhere) and so we have a different nozzle for every eventuality!

  4. Sue says:

    I hate my Dyson -can’t remember the model, but the hose attachment whilst extending a long way thus allowing me to hoover the whole of the stairs from the bottom step, is extremely awkward to manoeuvre. You really need to be standing six foot above or below the thing you want to hoover. Wish I’d paid attention to the reviews on Amazon before I bought it.

  5. Tom Alexander says:

    I know this post is very old, however, I can comment on your issues, first off use a proper Numatic bag. They breathe easier, retain more fine particulate than the cheapy paper ones and just work better. Paper is for writing on.

    The issue with George is he has a baffle on his intake to control water splash coming into the canister. Dare I say removal of this may help but it could cause issues with the water spash. George is an amazing bit of kit but I have him setup for wet only and use a Henry and Hetty for dry vac.

    Dyson’s are disgusting filthy things and when you look into how they actually work you would soon get rid of them all. I have had several Dysons which have died and long been thrown in the skip and that is in normal household use. Numatic are far superior vacs with Dyson’s being overpriced gross plastic mouldings that might suck up some dirt in the first hours of use then never work the same again and require huge amounts of maintenance, filters and water to clean them out taking rather too much of my time to warrant their use.

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