Finished, and other Fs

NaNoWriMo Certificate

So here it is, the NaNoWriMo certificate. I reached the 50,000 words today (It was 50,022 according to Word, and 50,008 according to the verification on the NaNoWriMo website. So I am most hugely chuffed, and feeling the delight of a long held ambition being achieved. I have written a novel. Not a long novel. Not a good novel. Nonetheless it is a huge achievement, which I dedicate to every school teacher who ever told me how lazy I was.

These last two weeks have been filled with ‘F’s. Flu, Flood and Fiction.

The fiction part I have already told you about.

The flood part you may well have seen on the news. We have not been particularly significantly affected, apart from being texted by one of the schools last week to come and collect our child as the school was closing for the day. At the other school the field had turned into a boating lake, but not quite enough to reach the flood defence walls. I was going to take a photo to show you, but the batteries on my camera ran out that day, so I didn’t manage it.

The other potential challenge was getting Mr 5 to his appointment at the hospital on Friday. The hospital is situated on a road imaginatively named ‘Waterside’. The name was slightly inaccurate that day. However, we managed it, and managed to drop Mr 5 back at school (by car) in only slightly longer a time than it would have taken to walk had we had a set of waders.

The Flu. Oh, the flu. I do not ever remember being as ill as this or for as long as this. It has been a week and a half now, and though I was only completely incapable of normal life for two or three days, I am still creeping off to bed in the day for a little nap. I am also completely uninterested in food. Great if you want to lose weight, not so great if you want to eat yourself healthy. Mr PC had it too, although not nearly as badly, and the kids all seem fine. Madness, as it must be them who brought the bugs home.

Here’s to a healthy December!

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1 Response to Finished, and other Fs

  1. yellowlancer says:

    Well done! I love your dedication to those teachers – I had mostly good ones but there was one 😦

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