Christmas Preparations

I bought the last Christmas present today. That is it. Complete. Done. (I think).

We have the food for Christmas dinner planned and purchased. Apart from the fresh vegetables, obviously.

These two things make me feel like I’m getting there, that I’m quite organised and can waft through December on a tide of preparedness. Sadly, that is the point at which I remember that I haven’t written any Christmas cards yet. The cards which I meant to send out early because I failed to send out new home cards. Oh well, thank goodness for the Royal Mail’s redirection service. Worth every penny.

I also note that other people’s houses are bedecked with lights and tinsel and cheerful brightness. We have not one decoration up yet, apart from the advent calendar. This calendar is in a room with south facing patio doors. The children complained today that the chocolate was soft because it was too sunny and warm. This is an unexpected down side of living in a modern well insulated house.

We will not be putting up a tree this year. Our kitten is lovely and cute and adorable, but does spend a certain amount of time going absolutely mad, tearing round the house, knocking things over and chewing anything remotely chewable. I’m sure she sees the living room as a play room filled with scratching posts (mostly sofa shaped), and those things called ‘Get off the curtains, cat!’ are super for practising climbing. A Christmas tree wouldn’t stand a chance.

Anyway, before I even think about decorations I should get the house clean and tidy. It has been a bit neglected of late, and sometimes I just look at the clutter, and sigh and wonder why we have so much stuff, and why we feel we constantly have to add to it.

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1 Response to Christmas Preparations

  1. Laura says:

    I need Christmas cards yet, too. And hopefully all our shopping will be done by Tuesday. The tree is in residence, and looks a bit off kilter, but this year I’m OK with that.

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