SunriseThe view out of the window this morning really only needed a silhouette of a camel and a king to make it perfect.

It was the reception nativity at school this morning. Mr 5 was a cow. The thing which delighted me the most was when I was asked to supply costume – black trousers and white top. Even I can manage that!

So, Mary was very keen to get to Bethlehem. She grasped Joseph by the hand and pulled him all the way to the row of inns. The mice proclaimed loudly into their microphone, and the cows muttered their lines, well away from theirs.

The songs were great, apart from when they were interrupted by a phone ringing. MY phone ringing. No-one ever phones me! I was expecting a text, and that would have been OK because my chime for a text is so quiet I often miss it. My normal ring tone is quite strident. I ended up with my phone encased in my handbag and wrapped in my winter coat to deaden the sound as I tried to turn it off by touch alone. Sorry, everyone.

Once the kids had paraded out, and I checked my phone, it turned out the calls I had missed were to tell me what they had said they would text me about: Our new wardrobes were being delivered within an hour. Hooray! We now have wardrobes. At least, we now have some large bits of flat pack and a bag of hinges, soon to be wardrobes.

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  1. Monica says:

    have a gorgeous Christmas!!!

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