The How Of Happiness

I got some books for Christmas (Hooray for Amazon wish lists!). Among them was this one:

HappinessThe How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I have to say the timing was perfect. Just in time for new year I get a book about happiness, neatly divided into twelve suggestions. How could I resist? This year I will be following the suggestions in this book, one per month, and finding out how much happier they will make me.

I have done the little questionnaire to decide which order to do them in. This works out, based on how much you think you will enjoy the activities, and how valuable you think them, which are the best for you to try first. I will be doing them in the order this test suggests (apart from one which scored lowest initially, but when I read the chapter I realised that it was my kind of task, and I would do it for the fun value).

I also did the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire. I scored 4.2 out of a maximum of 6. The average score is 4.3, so I am currently about average on a happiness scale. I’m expecting that to change!

The first activity, my best fit, and so appropriate for January the first, is ‘Committing to your goals’. I have plenty of goals, so here I am, publicly committing to some of them:

1. Finish my Accounting qualification.

2. Get my novel to a state that I can show it to others without worrying about how bad it is.

3. Finish all my craft UFOs (all, including the patchwork bedspread which has been waiting for its backing for twenty years).

4. Get a job.

5. Cook one new thing a week (they might all be variations of chocolate cake, they might not!)

6. Keep up the How of Happiness all year.

I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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