Coffee Fudge Bars

So here I am, in the first week of January, resolutions fresh in my mind, when I suddenly think ‘I was going to cook something new every week! It’s the 5th today! What am I going to make?’ It wouldn’t be a stunning start to the year if I failed the simplest of my resolutions in the first week.

Hence, coffee fudge bars, from Fast Cakes by Mary Berry. I’m not quite sure why they’re called coffee fudge bars. I would have probably described them as coffee walnut bars, although that’s not how I described them to the children, as all my kids are convinced they don’t like nuts of any description. It was a big shock to their systems when I informed them that that bit inside a Ferrero Rocher was actually a hazelnut.

Of the three children, two tried the cake (as expected) and one actually liked it (quite a result in this family). This does mean that the entire cake will end up being eaten by only two people. I’m just pleased it won’t be entirely consumed by me (I could achieve that, believe me).

Next week I will try to make something savoury, so that there will be a chance of Mr PC trying it too.

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