Swimming Lessons

Mr 5 has started swimming lessons. His initial prediction, ‘I’m going to be like a dolphin!’, was proven to be not entirely accurate, but he loved it anyway. It wasn’t quite his first ever lesson. I did take him to baby swimming lessons for a while, but you had to pay for six lessons at a time, and after the time we missed four of the six for various reasons, we stopped going. Now we are starting again, and he’s big enough not to need me in the pool too.

They seemed to spend the entire lesson moving pieces of foam from one side of the pool to the other. At one point, he had blow up floats on his arms, a noodle round his middle, and two normal floats, one under each arm. I wonder if the idea is that they get so distracted trying to hold onto all the stuff that is desperate to escape from under them that they kick by accident and don’t realise they are actually learning to swim.

He came out with a big smile, despite not having been brave enough to put his face underwater. Now he wants to go swimming ‘all day’. In his language this can mean anything from all day, to every day, to reasonable regularly. I think he means the reasonably regularly version.

This is good, because we love swimming in this family. We are utterly un-sporty in any other way. You will never find us out kicking balls around a park, or signing up for teams, or even watching any sport much, but we do like the water. In our sporting ineptness there is a shining nugget of ability. We just need to try to make the most of it.


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