BiscottiThis was my new recipe for this week. I have wanted to make biscotti for a long time. I love it. I love anything with almonds in, and have been known to fail to ice cakes because I had already eaten the marzipan. Anyway. Why haven’t I made them before now? I’m not sure. I think I thought they would be difficult to make. As it turns out, they’re not. They are simple, and delicious, and used up the almonds that had been hiding at the back of my cupboard with a use-by date of October 2012.

I think I slightly underbaked them in the first bake, and I was a bit worried that I didn’t bake them for long enough in the second bake either, but they crisped up beautifully when they cooled.

I love them. And that idea of making something savoury so Mr PC would try it? No need, because he likes biscotti too. None of the kids will eat them, but somehow that doesn’t bother me!

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1 Response to Biscotti

  1. Monica says:

    we had biscotti for our guests at our wedding… with sweet white wine for dipping…

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