Driving in the Snow

ScreenshotWell it snowed. The kids got the long hoped for day off school, and I drove for the first time in snow. With an ABS fault.

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip, and the ABS light came on. On the way home it stayed off. It seemed to alternate between being on and off for a week or so, specifically not coming on when the car was on our drive and we* could investigate what was wrong. Eventually we captured it, and worked out that the ABS ECU was failing. As from 2012 it became a MOT failure if you have ABS and it doesn’t work, so we knew we had to fix it at some point before October. Mr PC did the research, and found a second hand unit to buy, with the plan of changing it over once the weather was a bit warmer, and all was well.

For a couple of days. Then the fault got worse, the car couldn’t tell how fast it was going, so it became urgent. Now we don’t have a nice warm garage with a pit, and Mr PC didn’t fancy being out in the freezing cold fixing the car, so we booked it into the garage. For today. I was watching the snow falling first thing, thinking, ‘Please let me get to the garage OK.’ Then I spent the rest of the morning and lunchtime watching the snow falling and thinking, ‘Please let me get out to pick up the car OK.’ I did. And I have now driven in snow for the first time ever. And it wasn’t too bad, thank goodness.

The fault is now fixed. We have heard of people being charged up to £1800 for this fix (a common problem on Vauxhalls, apparently). We paid £120 (including postage) for the part, and £66 for the labour (one hour) and brake fluid. I am really relieved that we haven’t suddenly had to find ridiculous amounts of money, and even more relieved that I have a working car again. And I plan not to drive it again until the snow melts.

*Actually, Mr PC did everything.

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2 Responses to Driving in the Snow

  1. Laura says:

    Glad everything got fixed OK! And you did it, you drove in the snow! (I have been gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles every time I have to get behind the wheel. The roads here have been beyond awful for the last month.)

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