Spinach Tian

New recipe number 3: Spinach Tian.

Spinach TianI did say I would make something savoury, and I have now done it. This recipe is basically a mix of onions, garlic, spinach, rice and seasoning, topped with cheesy breadcrumbs. It comes from The Kitchen Revolution cookery book, which is a book I love because it doesn’t just have recipes, it has meals. Unfortunately, our shopping became hugely expensive while I was cooking regularly from it, and if you only shop at ALDI you won’t be able to get half the ingredients.

The spinach tian was quite nice, but definitely could have done with more salt. The recipe did say to taste before putting it in the oven, but I’m no good at judging seasoning. I’m so used to unsalted food that things that others find just right I can only taste salt, and anything I prepare to my taste seems bland to others. I just put in the amount of salt the recipe specified and left it at that, hoping that the original cook got it right. It turns out, no. Even I thought it needed more salt.

Anyhow, other than that it was lovely. It won’t become a family favourite as none of the kids would touch it, but that’s par for the course here. I was happy.

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