Changing Plans

Plans change. That’s fine. Mine have changed a bit for the next few weeks. You might recall that I had a list of things I was going to do this year. From craft UFOs to cooking new things, novel writing to accountancy to job seeking. It started well. I finished one of my 14 UFOs (the biggest). I polished my CV, and even saw a job I was tempted to apply for. I cooked a new thing a week.

Now I have a wrist in plaster. The rest of the UFOs are going to have to wait. I’ll have to say ‘cook 52 new things in a year’ rather than one a week. I’m not going to be sitting any exams for the next few weeks, I’m the world’s slowest left-hand-one-fingered typist and I won’t be applying for any jobs.

C’est la vie.

We had quite a pleasant trip to Worcester. I was worried on Tuesday evening when it began to snow, and the weather reports said it was going to be horrendous. As it turns out, it was OK. The main roads were clear, and we made it to the hospital on time.

I had been warned that even when you have an appointment for the fracture clinic, it is an appointment to queue rather than an actual time you are due to be seen. I was mentally prepared for a long wait! As it happens I was in and out in about half an hour. I also only have to have the cast on for three weeks, so I can get my wrist moving again as soon as possible. Result!

We even had time to stop for a coffee.

Have you ever been in a coffee shop, asked for a ‘large’ whatever, and had the skinny girl half your age behind the counter pause and ask, ‘Do you mean massimo?’ We have. So Mr PC checked what language they had picked for the descriptions on the sign and asked for a massimo americano. I asked for a small americano because I think it’s ridiculous to develop a new vocabulary because a coffee shop chain wants me to. I got my small americano. Mr PC got served a macchiato doppio, possibly because the woman behind the counter was nearer twice our age than half our age, and maybe didn’t hear properly. Mr PC shrugged and said ‘It’s all caffeine’.

Coffee is something I have to sort out at home. I can’t open the coffee jar, so I’ll have to find something else to keep my coffee stash in! The girls have been trying to be helpful. Miss 9 opened the coffee jar for me earlier, and Miss 11 has been doing her best to help in all sorts of ways.

Poor Miss 11 had a bad day on Tuesday as well. There was a fire alarm at her school as she was getting changed for PE, so she did exactly what she has been told her whole life, and evacuated immediately. In bare feet and with no coat. She got told off by her PE teacher for making them look bad. I hope she did make them look bad. Other teachers rushed off to get her a coat and scarf and something to stand on.

Anyhow, new plans. I have to have new plans because I was sat at home this afternoon and I was bored. That’s not a common occurrence for me. I always have something to do! I shall read more for the next few weeks, but that can’t fill in all day. I also felt guilty at sitting doing nothing. This is quite a common feeling for me. I always have plenty of things I should be doing, and even now, I know I could do more if I really tried. I need to find something I can do and I should do and I want to do. That might be tricky.


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