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Making Good Progress

In my enthusiasm for finishing projects I’ve started, I decided to finish my medieval tapestry by the end of January. Initially I thought it would be almost impossible, but now I’m getting there, and I know, barring disaster, I’ll make … Continue reading

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Swimming Lessons

Mr 5 has started swimming lessons. His initial prediction, ‘I’m going to be like a dolphin!’, was proven to be not entirely accurate, but he loved it anyway. It wasn’t quite his first ever lesson. I did take him to … Continue reading

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Back to Routine

All three kids went back to school today. I am sitting in the living room and I can hear: A clock ticking. The cat licking herself. The creak of Mr PC’s chair in his study. A digger reversing somewhere in … Continue reading

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Coffee Fudge Bars

So here I am, in the first week of January, resolutions fresh in my mind, when I suddenly think ‘I was going to cook something new every week! It’s the 5th today! What am I going to make?’ It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Finishing What I Started

I have compiled my list of unfinished craft items. It is quite a daunting list! Fourteen items in all (until I think of other things I’ve got stashed somewhere), and do I count things I’ve bought everything for, but haven’t … Continue reading

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The How Of Happiness

I got some books for Christmas (Hooray for Amazon wish lists!). Among them was this one: The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I have to say the timing was perfect. Just in time for new year I get a … Continue reading

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